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The brief of the company

A:  The brief of the company

We are  proud to be your source for the crystal decorations for your home and office, which were made in a solid piece of optically clear crystal, and made by highly sophisticated drilling skills.

       The main production consists of crystal baluster or balustrade for railing of house, glazed crystal glass, sculptural crafts and embossment crafts, including smoking sets, time keepers, flower vases, plates, drinking sets, candle sticks, and crystal decorations.

        Custom designs are available, our team of expert designers will help to develop your custom shape, you need only to provide us with your drawings.

        Our competitive price will ensure you an economical success due to the lowest labor cost in P.R.China


B: The quality 
    1. The glass is transparent white and have no color tint.
    2. There is no visible defect on the surfaces, verges and corners.
    3. There is no bubbles, knots and other visible optical    nonhomogenioses. (It means that pieces must be without any bubbles and inhomogenioses visible with the naked eye.)
    4. Cleanness of the surfaces - 4 class.
    5. The size of bevels - 0.3 +/--0.1mm X 450. 
    6. Roughness of the surface RZ=0.05.
    7. Quality of the surfaces - no more 5 rings per cm in the field distanced more 1mm from the edge. (Check flatness by test flat glass.)
    8. All surfaces must be polished. No visible scratches and mat areas. 
    9. Tolerance for all sizes +0.5 / -1.5 mm. 
    10. Tolerance for the right and other angles +/- 0.12 degree. (In every case difference of the angle from the right angle must not be seen by the naked eye.)
    11. No cut corners.

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